General Info

The Manasquan High School band is an all inclusive ensemble – meaning that it is made up of students from 9th to 12th grade. This type of ensemble fosters a true sense of community in which we all support each other and succeed together as one musical family. Members of this ensemble make up both the Warrior Marching Band and the Concert Band. These ensembles perform throughout the year at various locations throughout the state!

An extracurricular ensemble that is also offered at MHS is the Warrior Jazz Band. Participation in this ensemble is limited and based on a performance audition each year. In order to audition for the Jazz Band, students must be enrolled in the curricular band class (see below) and participate in both the Marching Band and Concert Band.

In order to participate in the Warrior Band Program and all it offers, MHS students must enroll in the curricular band class which meets during regular school hours. This is easily done by consulting with your guidance counselor and getting it added to your school schedule. Enrollment in the band class requires participation in both the Marching Band and Concert Band. A couple of common questions:

Will this impact my ability to take various academic courses?

The answer is NO! In no way does enrolling in the band class impact your ability to take any academic courses offered at MHS. 

If I am districted to MHS but go to a magnet school can I still participate in the band program? 

Yes you may participate if you are districted to MHS but attend a magnet school. If you are one of these students please contact Ms. Szakal.   

Check out this brochure that goes out to our sending districts – Manasquan High School Instrumental Program

If you have any questions or inquiries about any of the above feel free to reach out to us! Our contact information can be found here.